Natural face treatments

In-hotel facials Sölden – Small spa hotel right next to Sölden mountain lifts

... with a mask of your choice (please see below) and afterwards a face massage. During the exposure of the mask you will enjoy a hand or foot massage.
approx. 55 minutes of relaxation € 126,00

Following natural products for your choice:

  • Banana mask
    ... is moisture for your skin. Bananas provide our body with power and are a treat for the skin - a banana mask optimizes the circulation.
  • Honey mask
    ... with honey, white curd and protein. Makes lazy skin cheerful, is relaxing, the teint will be clear and small wrinkles will be abolished in a natural way. A must for everyone who set great value upon a sparkling and groomed appearance.
  • Cucumber mask
    ...has a lot of nutrients, as well as vitamine A and C, and sulfur contents.This mask minimizes the pores, is refreshing and  thightens your skin.

Please book early enough & in advance!