Hotel Sölden with whirlpool – Small 4 star wellness hotel in Sölden

Undisturbed bubbling in relaxed atmosphere
Enjoy your entire personal wellness oasis! A fresh-water-jacuzzi with the latest technical features as well as the highest measure of hygiene. Warmth, light, weightlessness and massage combined for your well-being. Developed from wellness-specialists, doctors and physios, these "pool" reveals absolutely innovative advantages:

The patented "Multi-Jet"-hydro- massage- system
This system garanties the perfect combination between power, positions of the jets and pressure of massage, to present you the very best of "hydro-massage". As a result the organism will get a bette r supply with blood, the skin will be tightened, the metabolism will be stimulated and tensions of muscles will be disengaged. The depth of the tub enables the whole body to fl oat almost weightless.

Colour therapy
... a variety of wellness, which uses waves of light to interact with your body. Colours are elements, which can be absorbed and exploited easily by your body, mind and soul; they help to cure physical and mental complaints.