Special massages

Special massages at a hotel in Sölden – Small wellness hotel in the center of Sölden

... is a natural system of „energy healing“ and means „universal life energy. The founder, Mikao Usui Sensei, declares Reiki as „secret art to invite the luck, the wonderful medicine for all sickness“. It activates the selfhealing process, relieves pain. Reiki helps to reduce stress and find relaxation, renews the balance of body & soul. The hands will be layed calmly and tenderly on the different parts of the body.
approx. 50 minutes of relaxation € 120,00

... is a relaxation massage, which reduces the worries of your daily routine and gives you time to dream.
Get a professional massage with soft rhythmic and slowly moves.
approx. 50 minutes of relaxation € 99,00

Herbal stamp massage
... a traditional and thermic treatment from Asia. With a certain massage technique an inner and outer harmony in the body will be achieved. It regenerates the stressed body, surprises with energy-effects and activates the self healing power of the organism.
approx. 50 minutes of relaxation € 110,00

Head special massage
...do something good for you and your head: the head massage supports the circulation, loosens the neck musculature and tensions in the back head area.
approx. 50 minutes of relaxation € 90,00

Please book early enough & in advance!