Your private jacuzzi

Hotel Sölden with private jacuzzi – Small wellness hotel in the center of Sölden

Aromatic-Hydro-Bath - Beneficient bath with essential oil of your choice:

  • eucalyptus: refreshing, relieves breathing, cooling
  • apple green: vitalising, animating, exhilarating
  • mint-melissa: refreshing, vitalising, cooling
  • rosemary: pain-relieving, relaxing, calming  
  • lavender: balancing, soothing, pain-relieving
  • orange: refreshing, exhilarating, balancing
  • kids happy orange: brightening, animating, harmonising
  • Delpera-salts: lavender, peppermint, rosemary, C-Sal (pure sea salt)

approx. 20 minutes of relaxation, 1 - 2 persons € 25,00

Please book early enough & in advance!