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Weather forecast in Sölden

Temperature: 6°C/43°F
Fineweather: 50%
Frostborder: 2200
Temperature: 8°C/46°F
Fineweather: 70%
Frostborder: 2500
Temperature: 14°C/57°F
Fineweather: 90%
Frostborder: 4000
Temperature: 17°C/63°F
Fineweather: 100%
Frostborder: 4400


As forecast, the showers of a strong cold front reached us yesterday and high pressure will return today. It will stop all precipitation and dissipate the clouds.


The weather over the next few days will be influenced by high pressure and a warm and dry southerly air flow. Tuesday, Wednesday and probably also Thursday will be mostly cloudless. On Friday, a few banks of clouds may temporarily pass over our region.